The St. Lawrence Division

Welcome to the St. Lawrence Division web site.

We are the local Division of the National Model Railroader Association encompassing members located in Eastern Ontario and upstate New York.

The SLD “season” extends from September through to May during which we actively host meetings and workshops for the membership. Guests are always welcome so feel free to join us as we’d love to show you around.

October 24th Kit Busters Meeting

The next SLD Kit Busters workshop is scheduled for Saturday October 24th.Due to the current Pandemic Lock Down, we will not be meeting in person but will instead be meeting virtually to discuss our progress on our projects.

Please join us, the meeting ZOOM details are covered on our Next Meeting page.

Contacting the SLD Executive

We have now established formal email addresses for the SLD Executive members. These can be found under the Contacts in the above menu (right hand end). So if you ever have a need to reach out to an SLD Executive member, merely click on the person’s link to send them an email.

We’d love to hear from you whether you have a question, concern, request or suggestion, we’re here for you!

Welcome To Your New Web Site!

After many months (actually, years) of navel gazing we have finally revamped the SLD Web Site both from a technology and presentation perspectives. Both were becoming rather dated and needed to be brought forward to today’s standards.

You will find the same great content is here but better organized and with an improved presentation format. With this new technology, viewing by mobile platforms is now supported. You can comfortably view us from your PC, tablet and mobile device.

We are in the process of moving the balance of the content from the old SLD site (boy was there a lot of stuff there!) so please be patient with us as this work is completed. In the mean time you may find a few broken links.

Of course please feel free to provide with your comments and suggestions as this web site is for the SLD membership’s benefit so if there is something we should include, please drop us a note.

We hope you like this new format.

The Forthcoming 2020/2021 Season

It is currently mid summer and there doesn’t appear to be any end to the COVID-19 virus and the impact it has on everything to do with our day-to-day life. Though the Provincial and Federal governments are slowly lifting the constraints on our social activities, it will be a long time yet before we’re back to the way we were, if that is even viable.

The SLD Executive continues to actively monitor the pandemic situation and will adjust our club’s activities and execution accordingly. For example, though eastern Ontario is moving forward with the Phase 3 Restrictions allowing larger groups to assemble, given the demographics of our membership, we do not believe it is in our best interest to host physical face-to-face meetings just yet.

Thus our September Meeting will be of a virtual format, see below for details. We also anticipate the October KitBusters will not be in person, but what format it will take has yet to be determined.

So we ask for your patience, support and even suggestions as we solidify what the new “normal” is for our club. We do plan to move ahead with providing an enjoyable forum to enjoy our hobby and each others company.

Further information and details will be provided as the situation progresses.

October 2020 Kit Busters Meeting- Repurposed Rolling Stock

A note from our Superintendent

Fellow SLD members, last Saturday (Sept 26) we had our first successful virtual meeting by Zoom. Twenty-nine people participated which was a good sign that the membership is keen to continue with virtual meetings while we are waiting out the pandemic.

We also launched our KitBuster project with the theme, Repurposed Rolling Stock, with an inspiring presentation by Norm Levert.

As part of our KitBuster approach this year, we will have another Zoom meeting on October 24 where volunteers will share details of their planned project, followed by a round table of those present online to give everyone a chance to participate. Further details to follow.

More details of the mechanics of the meeting will follow in a Dispatch. For now, please note that you do not need a Zoom account to join in, but you will need to download a bit of software on your computer or smartphone. You also do not need a webcam unless you want to share video of yourself. It is even possible to join by telephone for audio only, although that will limit the value of the clinics. Here’s the link for Zoom FAQs: frequently asked questions.

Please join us for our first virtual SLD Kit Busters meeting.

SLD Kit Busters Face Book Group

The current COVID 19 Pandemic environment we find ourselves in has had a major impact on all social activities, including our SLD Meets and Workshops. As you have noticed, we have changed the format of our meetings to that of a virtual video conference call using the ZOOM application. Based on the September meeting, it looks like this is a very effective approach while we honour the Safe Distancing guidelines. The question is, how do we approach the Kit Buster Workshops for the key focus here is the in person interaction between members as they work on projects together.

So for our first Kit Busters workshop in October, we will leverage ZOOM to virtually discuss our projects, raise questions and offer support.

We are also setting up a closed Facebook group called St Lawrence Div NMRA which will allow us to share our KitBuster project progress and other modelling ideas. Please consider joining the group. The more of you who do, the better the experience for all of us. Once you are a FB member, search for the name of the group and ask to join. The admin will then allow you in and you are all set to share with other SLDers.

September Mail Car – Now On Line

The current COVID-19 Pandemic continues to have an impact on our club’s activities and schedules.
Early September is the usual publication date for the first Mail Car of the next season but due to the dynamic nature of life this year, we have chosen to issue it early during August to provide an update on everyone’s “COVID-19” modeling activities, the Bridge Project along with discussing how the next season is shaping up.

The September issue of the SLD newsletter – The Mail Car – is now on line!

The SLD 2020/21 Program

The COVID 19 virus that is currently plaguing the world has had a direct impact on the SLD’s activities to the extent that the club meetings/events for the latter part of last season had to be cancelled. Looking forward, your SLD Executive has established a revised approach for the hosting of our meets thus we shall be able to rekindle our activities with the intent to honour our regular event schedule.

The SLD meets will typically take place the last Saturday for the months of: Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar & May.

As our regular practice, the Sept and May meets will be held in the neighbouring communities. Further details will be provided closer the the event dates.

Here is the schedule for the 2019/20 season. Hall locations to be confirmed.

Meet Date Workshop Date Location
Sept 26, 2020 Virtual Meeting
Oct 24, 2020 Virtual Meeting
Nov 28, 2020 Virtual Meeting
Jan 23, 2021 Virtual Meeting
Feb 27, 2021 Virtual Meeting
March 27, 2021 Virtual Meeting
Apr 24, 2021 TBD
May 29, 2021 TBD