The Program

By: Grant Knowles

One of the objectives of the SLD KitBusters Program is to provide the opportunity for the membership to acquire new skills and to experience aspects of the hobby they would not normally undertake on their own. With this as a guiding principle, the SLD Executive explores opportunities and topics we feel would be of interest to the club, past examples of this includes; Building a Laser Kit Structure and Building a Wooden Freight Car . This time we decided to explore a medium we haven't done before and felt the time was right to take this on - Scratch Building a Turnout.

Anyone who has built a layout has most likely incorporated commercial turnouts into the layout, often struggling to get these complex track pieces to provide reliable physical and electrical performance. Wouldn't it be nice if you can be rid of these problems once and for all and save some money in the process? Building your own turnouts is the solution and through this program, you'll see first hand that it is not that difficult to build an exceptional turnout.

As with past projects, this will be a Leader Lead exercise where we'll walk you through the process step by step from cutting and filing the rail to the final assembly of a typical turnout. With the recent advent of technology, this whole process has become a lot easier and with repeatable success! We'll be leveraging the Fast Track jigs . which will ensure quality & consistency - it's virtually idiot proof! Through this program you will also learn about the parts of a turnout, how they work, how to build a turnout and actually build a few yourself.

The following pages describes the process, steps, tips and tricks to Scratch Building a Turnout .
Some of our key objectivs of this program are: Though we will be providing the jigs, you still need to provide the parts to build the turnout. This will include: You will also need to bring along some tools, we recommend the following: SLD Introduction

To kick the project off, here are a couple of slide decks that introduce this project.

Introduction to Scratch Building A Turnout


Building Switches Using Fast Tracks Jigs . Some pointers on how Fred assembles his Fast Tracks turnouts.

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