The Program

Last season the SLD embarked on a year long program where the membership together built a laser structure kit. The program included a number of clinics and workshops that guided the participants through the process while providing information on tools, techniques and ideas for the structure. It was delightful to see that of the 47 kits distributed, the majority of the builders attended each and every session and most kits were completed by the end of the season. The crowing glory was to view the “sea” of completed kits at the Woodstock Turn NFR Convention once again demonstrating all the great things we are doing here in the SLD!

Based on popular demand, we will continue with our “Hands On” concept for the up coming season where we will focus on building a plaster based structure .
The format will be similar with clinics at the meets followed by workshops to practice what we have learned. Of course we won’t be repeating the clinics instead building on what we learned last year with focus on those building techniques and skills that are unique to assembling a plaster model.

This time around We’re opening up the doors this time regarding the actual kit to be built. Though we plan to host a “group” purchase of a kit from a specific supplier - Ed Fulasz ( ) , we will leave it open to you to select a kit from the supplier or to provide your own. Thus not everyone will be building the exact same kit.

If you do plan to supply your own plaster kit, here are a few helpful hints. Choose a plaster kit that will provide an opportunity for you to grow your skills and be a challenge. Sure there are some really nice simple four sided plaster kits on the market but after the four panels have been glued together and painted – the challenge is over. Pick a project that is a little more complicated, multiple panels, surface textures, etc as it will be much more rewarding to complete.

The model railroad market has a handful of active Plaster Kit suppliers of which most provide kits in HO scale. O is the next most popular scale with the other scales, S & N having a very limited presence out there. Thus for those who may have unique tastes and requirements, we’ll leave it up to you to locate your kit of choice.

As with any volunteer organization, it is the participation of the members that make the club what it is. I have a draft plan assembled for the year’s program and am looking for people to assist with all aspects of the endeavour, especially with the clinics. Feel free to come forward and offer your ideas and services in this area.

Having built a number of plaster kits from various manufactures I can say this is a really neat medium to work in and provides fantastic results very quickly. If you haven’t built a plaster kit before, what better time to give it a try?

Our season schedule (subject to last minute girations) is:
Event Date
Sept 26, 2009
SLD Meet
Program introduction, prepare parts.
Oct 24, 2009
KitBusters Workshop
Clinics on painting, commence painting pieces.
Nov 28, 2009
SLD Meet
Jan 09, 2010
KitBusters Workshop
Wall, window & door assembly.
Jan 30, 2010
SLD Meet
Feb 27, 2010
KitBusters Workshop
Final assembly
Mar 27, 2010
SLD Meet
Building a diorama
Apr 24, 2010
KitBusters Workshop
Installing Structure into a Diorama
May 29, 2010
SLD Meet
Finished Project Display
Note Schedule and scope may change based on our progress.

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