St. Lawrence Division (SLD)

Code of Operating Rules 2005 / 05 Edition

Name, Purpose, and Boundaries

1. This organization shall be known as the St. Lawrence Division (SLD) and is a division of the Niagara Frontier Region (NFR) of the National Model Railroad Association Inc. (NMRA).
2. The purpose of the SLD shall be to promote model railroading, fellowship, and the NMRA, as well as providing encouragement, the means, and assistance to its members and others interested in developing their modelling and technical skills.
3. The geographic boundaries of the SLD are as determined from time to time by the Board of Directors of the NMRA and / or the NFR.

Members and Fees

4. All members of the NMRA within the St. Lawrence Division shall be considered a member of the SLD without subscription as per the Regulations of the National Model Railroad Association.
5. Members are entitled to all rights and privileges of the SLD including entry of contests, speaking and voting on issues as well as voting at elections.. Guests are always welcome at meets.
6. Mail Car subscription rates for members and non-members shall be determined from time to time by the executive of the SLD. Subscriptions to the Mail Car will expire at the end of September.
7. A member may be made an honorary member of the SLD. Honorary membership is in recognition of a person's special contribution to the hobby and the SLD. A serving member of the executive may not be appointed as an honorary member but an honorary member may serve on the executive. Appointment as an honorary member will be made at an annual general meeting by a simple majority vote on an appropriate motion by the Superintendent on behalf of the executive.
8. Item removed May 2005.
9. Item removed May 2005.

Meets and Meetings

10. An annual general meeting of members shall be held approximately once a year at a time and place determined by the executive. This is normally in May or June. In addition to any other business that may be transacted, each member of the executive will provide the members with a brief report of the year's activities within their area of responsibility. A special general meeting of members shall be called by the superintendent upon the written request of ten members or upon his own initiative. Members will be given 21 days notice of any general meeting. At a special general meeting, only those agenda items included in the notice may be acted on. Twenty per cent of the membership, but not less than five members, present in person or by proxy at a general meeting of members will constitute a quorum.
11. Each member present at a general meeting of members will have the right to exercise one personal vote. A member may, by means of a written proxy, appoint another member to act and vote in their stead.
12. The SLD will hold periodic meets at times and places determined by the executive. Members will be advised of upcoming meets, either directly, through the SLD Mail Car, the NMRA Bulletin, or the NFR Flimsy. Whether or not there will be a charge to attend a particular meet will be determined by the executive.
13. If a meet is combined with a general meeting of members, there will be no charge for a member to attend just the general meeting of members.

Officers and their Duties

14. The officers of the SLD shall be superintendent, assistant superintendent, clerk, paymaster and dispatcher. The officers shall form the executive of the SLD. At its discretion, the executive may increase the number of officers or change their duties. Two offices may be held by the same person except that a person may not be both clerk and paymaster at the same time. An officer must be a member of the SLD.
15. Officers shall hold office for two years from the date of their election, or if appointed, until the next election, or until their successors are elected or appointed in their stead. Officers shall be subject to removal by simple majority vote at a general meeting of members. The maximum number of consecutive full terms that a person may be an officer is three and he may only hold the same office for two of them.
16. Officers shall be elected at the annual general meeting of members held in an even numbered year. The election portion of the meeting will be chaired by the election steward, If for any reason, an officer is unable to complete his term of office, the executive may appoint a replacement.
17. The superintendent shall be the chief executive officer of the SLD and chair all meets and meetings. He is also the division's representative to the NFR and the NMRA.
The assistant superintendent shall promote the NMRA and the SLD to others, arrange the program for meets, perform such other duties assigned to him by the superintendent, and in the absence or disability of the superintendent, perform the duties of the superintendent,
The clerk shall serve as the division's secretary performing the normal duties of such position including, maintaining the list of members and supporters issuing membership cards, keeping proper minutes of special and annual general meetings of members, ensuring such meetings are properly announced to members, keeping count of votes, and preparing proxies.
The paymaster is the division's treasurer and will perform the normal duties of such position, including the presentation of a financial statement at each annual general meeting of members.
The dispatcher will be responsible for preparing and distributing the Mail Car, as well as announcing meets and other events.

Execution of Documents

18. Routine expenditures of under $50 may be made by the Superintendent or treasurer. Larger or non routine expenditures are to be reviewed in advance by the executive.
19. All documents or contracts requiring the official signature of the SLD shall be signed by the superintendent and another officer.
20. Other documents may be signed by the appropriate officer.


21. Officers shall serve as such without remuneration except for reimbursement of reasonable expenses, other than travel, incurred in the performance of their duties.

Election Steward and Election of Officers

22. Not later than three months prior to an election, the executive will appoint an SLD member as election steward who shall be responsible for the nomination of candidates and conducting the election of officers. The list of candidates for nomination by the election steward will be included with the notice of the annual general meeting of members. Also, nominations by other members may be made at the meeting. The election steward may not be an officer of the SLD.

Amendment of the Code of Operating Rules

23. This Code of Operating Rules may be amended by a two thirds majority vote of the members present in person or by proxy at a general meeting of members for which notice of such amendment was given.
24. Circumstances may require the executive to act outside of the provisions of the Code of Operating Rules. Such action shall be reported at the next general meeting, and where appropriate, accompanied by an amendment to the Code of Operating Rules.


25. Within three months of being elected, the Superintendent shall appoint an Inspector who will serve in that position until a successor is appointed. The inspector will be responsible for coordinating the NMRA achievement program for the SLD as well as all contests and related awards.


26. In the event of the dissolution of the SLD, the financial assets of the SLD shall be turned over to the executive committee of the NFR to be held in trust solely for the purpose of reactivating the SLD. Other assets may be similarly held or disposed of as deemed appropriate by the executive of the NFR.


27. In the Code of Operating Rules as well as any amendment, unless the context requires otherwise, words importing the singular number or the masculine gender shall include the plural number or the feminine gender, as the case may be, and vice versa.