November 28th, 2015 Meet

Meet Photos

Debbie & Peter greeted attendees at the registration desk.

We had over 30 folks in attendance - including three guests.

Ron, the Algonquin Turn convention chairman, provides updates regarding the May 2016 event.

Ron receives two AP certificates from Peter.

Display Table Photos

Stan built this "home" from the Mount Model Co. Emu school house kit.

This is a laser cut kit.

Dave brought out this neat multi-adjustable rolling stock cradle.

Some of Peter's On30 roster collection.

A nicely wweathered Bachman T boiler shay.

A Bachman On30 boxcar lettered for Peter's Snaggletooth RR.

A flat car complete with "load".

Grant's partially built HOn3 Labelle Boxcar for this year's KitBuster project.

Grant is also building this HO sclae CPR Horse Car kit.

Grant is looking to dispose of the power supply & throttles from the SLD Module.

Gilbert was asked to built HO scale models of this "Vertical Rail Car PUller".

Here is the 3D printed model.

Lorne brought out his completed cabooses.

Both were scratch built!

Bill made the patterns for this gear box which was cast in brass.

Bill scratch built this Sn3 2-6-0 mogul.

A Sn3 Mich-Cal shay Bill custom painted and lettered.

208 started out as a PFM Sn3 model which Bill extensively reworked.

Bill "technically" scratch built this Sn3 loco for a client.

Bill's proto's for P64 & P48 Colorado & Midland boxcars.

Windsor Publishng built by Bob.

Was a limited run kit sold at the 2011 Finescale Expo.

Bob built Hunch Landing from a Bar Mills kit.

Will join other structures in a marine scene.

Mike built this HO scale tractor repair shop from a Mt Albert kit.

The diorama includes a gully out back and a remot shed.

Fred is building the same kit and has installed interior details.

The flickering blue light is from the welder.

David's "nearly completed" CPR horse car.

Doug's mechanical reefer complete with "sounds".

Kevin's Labelle boxcar made into a lineside structure.

Johm has scratch built this 1:16 scale headlight, complete with a LED bulb.

The water scene Chris showed us how to build in his clinic.

For the November meet, we'll be congregating at the Emmanual United Church on Smyth Road. The meet will take place in the hall on the upper floor.

Location: The Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa

The church is located in the north corner of Smyth and Dauphin Roads, just east of the CHEO Hospital.

Click on Map for a larger image.


The program will consist of clinics in the morning followed by tour local layouts in the afternoon.


The subject for the November Display table is Contains Something Electrical .
Just about any model will fit in this category be it a structure with internal lights or a steam locomotive with an electric motor for power, you are only limited by your imagination!
So feel free to bring out something that is related to the topic.
But don't let that limit you, feel free to bring in any railroad related item!


The entry fee is $7.00 at the door.
NMRA members can join the SLD / NMRA and enjoy all of its benefits for a nominal fee and guests are always welcome.

Please feel free to call any member of the Executive if you have any questions or ideas. We always appreciate your input.

Meet Timetable

9:30 AM Doors open $7.00 Admission charge.

Registration, Membership, Raffle ticket sales, Coffee.

10:00 AM Introductions
Superintendent's welcome and any new business.
Morning Activities Clinic 1: Rocks and Water
Chris Lyon

Clinic 2: Freight Car Brakes
David Steer

Display Table

12:30 - 1:30 PM Lunch Break
Members are on their own to seek nourishment before the afternoon activities.
1:30 - 4:30 PM Layout Tours

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