May 29th, 2010 Meet

The Location

The May SLD meet was held in lovely Brockville. Here is the afternoon VIA train from Ottawa pulling into the station.

The Display Table

Paul ANderson had his Plaster Structures 101 project (unfinihsed) on display.

This is the Ed Fulazs Freight House kit.

This plaster kit brought out by Grant Knowles is from a Gut, Gravel & Glory kit.

Grant K also brought out this Alamosa Oil House - built from a Cibolo Crossing Plaster Kit.

David Steer brought out two beautifuly painted PBL Sn3 models - a K-27 & K-28. Got to love those narrow gauge railroads!

James VanBlitterswyk had this gorgious plaster station on display. The kit is made by CC Crow.

James has gone so far as to scratch build the roof trusses!

Peter Nesbitt, a long time Soundtraxx dealer had their 20th anniversary HOn3 Box car on display.

Our S scale member, Alex Binkley had his completed "Unloading emporium". This started out as a plastic kit that he has extensively modified.

Thi O scale station was assembled by Ron Newby from a Downtown Deco "Rocky Flats" kit.

Ron identifed the turret required a fair amount of filing and massaging to get it to fit correctly with the core building.

Here is top view of the station - very impressive.

Peter Coleman showed off his great modeling skills with this scratch built Supply Building.

Peter also had his finished Switching Tower, with detailed interior, on display. Peter was one of the first members to complete his Ed Fulasz kit!

Of course the building sports interior lighting.

View of the first display table.

Second Display Table with the two Raffle Layout modules at the rear.
Morning Clinic

Originaly I has invited Chris Lyon to provide a clinic on how to make a diorama integrating the Plaster Kits we had all been working on (as patr of the Plaster Structures 101 Kit Busters program). In the end we concluded that would need a few sessions to cover so we decided on a scenery clinic based on the tools, technics and materials Chris uses.

The following photos are the highlights of the interactive clinic Chris presented to the club.

Chris Started the clinic with a basic diorama board built from styrofoam with a stretch of ballasted track.

Chris then applied a mixture of sculptaclay/white glue/water to form the hillsides, rock edges, etc.

The audience was invited to come up to the front to see the steps first hand.

Steve lends a helping hand with direct involvement from Chris!

Trees are easlily inserted into the wet Sculptaclay.

Here is the finished product - all built in 60 mins including the play by play commentary!

For the May Meet, we will be heading south to visit our friends in lovely Brockville:

Location: Wall Street United Church
8 Wall Street, Brockville
Ontario, K6V 4R8

Exit 401 south onto County Road 29 (Stewart Blvd south of the 401) and travel towards the downtown, crossing the railroad tracks (and passing Tim Horton's).
Cross over Pearl St at the lights and continue south on William and bear left onto Wall as you curve around the court house square.
Wall St. United Church is on the corner, watch for signs as there are three churches facing the square!
Travel time from Ottawa to Brockville will be about one hour for most travelers, please plan accordingly to avoid disappointment.

Click on Map for a larger image.


The program for May will consist of two clinics in the morning.
The afternoon will include visiting two local layouts, one in Brockville and the second in Kingston. Maps will be provided at the meet.


The subject for the May Display table is Plaster Kits and All Things Brass.
We are asking that all Plaster Kits 101 projects, whether they are finished or not are brought out for display. It will be interesting to see how everyone made out with their projects and to discuss their experiences.
Of course you are welcome to bring out anything RR related!


The entry fee is $5.00 at the door. NMRA members can join the SLD / NMRA and enjoy all of its benefits for a nominal fee and guests are always welcome.

Please feel free to call any member of the Executive if you have any questions or ideas. We always appreciate your input.

Meet Timetable

9:30 AM Doors open $5.00 Admission charge.

Registration, Membership, Raffle ticket sales, Coffee.

10:00 AM Introductions
Superintendent's welcome and any new business.
Morning Activities Clinic: Diorama Construction
By: Chris Lyon

Clinic: TBD

Display Table


12:30 - 1:30 PM Lunch Break
Members are on their own to seek nourishment before the afternoon activities.
1:30 - 5:00 PM Afternoon Activities
Layout Tours.

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