Mar 29th, 2014 Meet

Meet Photos

Membership gathers before the meeting is called to order.

Display Table Photos

Lorne's scratch built Moreau Assembly Co.

Based on D. Harriman drawings that appeared in the NMRA mag.

Current progress on Stan's Garage scene.

The adjacent coal trestle.

Stan's jigs for building the trestle.

Stan's scratch built work horses.

MDC double door box car "weathered" by Chris.

Ronbrougth out a book on Porter Steam locos.

David's resin cars.

A closer view of the Northern Pacific wood boxcar.

Bruce's scratch built O scale donkey emgine.

Scratch built engine shed by Bruce.

Details around the engine shed.

Bruce's work car based on a HO scale Bachmann car.

A scratch built Flag Stop form Bruce.

HO scale Barrel Factory diorama from Mike.

Hub Cap Haven is located on the left side.

Closer view of the Full Steam Ahead kit.

Sn3 & On3 DSP&P stock car samples from Bill.

Samples of Bill's brass etchings for Sn3 & On3 locos.

Further etchings in nickel silver.

Brake rigging etchings.

Collection of "bits".

Bill's tender flaring tool.

The green masters were made with a 3d printer.

Inboard valves made from nickel silver etchings.

Styrene used to make masters for lost wax parts.

John's new 3d printer.

Doug's grain tower built from a Campbell's kit.

Bob's completed Pattison Pallet & Keg Co.

A scratch built shed around back.

Bob's Peckham's Sail Co built from a FOS Scale kit.

Rear freight door.

Loading platform.

James California Model Co. yard tower.

Resin casting of the Beachburg Food STore by Gilbert.

For the March meet, we'll be congregating at the Emmanual United Church on Smyth Road. The meet will take place in the hall on the upper floor.

Location: The Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa

The church is located in the north corner of Smyth and Dauphin Roads, just east of the CHEO Hospital.

Click on Map for a larger image.


The program will consist of two clinics in the morning followed by an afternoon activity.


The subject for the January Display table is TBD .
But don't let that limit you, feel free to bring in any railroad related item!


The entry fee is $7.00 at the door.
NMRA members can join the SLD / NMRA and enjoy all of its benefits for a nominal fee and guests are always welcome.

Please feel free to call any member of the Executive if you have any questions or ideas. We always appreciate your input.

Meet Timetable

9:30 AM Doors open $7.00 Admission charge.

Registration, Membership, Raffle ticket sales, Coffee.

10:00 AM Introductions
Superintendent's welcome and any new business.
Morning Activities Clinic 1: TBD

Clinic 2: TBD

Display Table

12:30 - 1:30 PM Lunch Break
Members are on their own to seek nourishment before the afternoon activities.
1:30 - 4:30 PM TBD

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