March 28th, 2009 Meet


Enclosed are some photos from the March Meet.

Members collected around the Display Table throughout the meet to view the wonderful models.

The Display Table

Michael Rozeboom's Collection of early Marxs equipment.

Stan Conley had a partially boxcar kit from Full Circle Models ( ).

The FCM boxcars is a laser cut cardboard (high quality) construction with a cast resin under frame.

Stan also had his Silver Plume Bakery kit out whish has been built as the Tweed News. The building sports a detailed front room with many of the fixtures made for paper!

This month Bill Meredith had four very intriguing projects on display: (CW) HO scale Hart Convertible Ballast Car, the B&O gondola that will sport steel coil covers, HO scale V&T Combine #1, and Sn3 production sample of the ET&WNC Hopper.

Our resident S scale enthusiast,Alex Binkley, brought out a glorious scale 4-8-4 Northern made by American Models.

David Steer once again demonstrated the depth of this railroad collection with a Lionel Hudson 2065. Dave states this was a gift from someone who knew he was into trains.

Mike outfitted his Silver Plume store as Barber Shop with the name “Barber Bill” who promises no “meek” cuts.

Mike also another recent creation of his – the Boileau’s Radio Repair. This was built from the FOS Pressman Radio Repair laser structure kit.

KitBusters Workshop - Laster Structures 101

The March meet afternoon consisted of the KitBusters Workshop which provided an opportunity for folks to scratchbuild a addition to their Bakery Kit.
Ron Newby had presented a clinic in the morning on how to scratch build an entrance way that could be added to the Silver Plume Bakery kit.

The following photos were taken at the Workshop.

More than 20 members took part in the afternoon workshop.

Grant K's Reisen Bakery.

Gilbert Lacroix's Wrongway Automotive shop sports a working fibre optics chase board.

Terry MacDonald's Fernie Bakery.

Alex Binkley's S scale Cafe Evelyn.

David Steer has kit bashed his O scale bakery kit to fit an odd space on his layout.

Peter Joyce's O scale drug store completed with detailed front room.

Peter Nesbitt demonstrating the massive size of this O scale store.

Ron Newby's N scale store with a new addition scratch built by Chris Lyon.

Bill Meek's Drug Staore that is operated by Michel Marteau, aka Mike Hamer

Peter Joyce's Drug Store sported a second floor complete with a crane.

Our clinician on scratch building - Ron Newby.

The march Meet will be at our usual haunt - Emmanual United Church - on Smyth Road.
Here are the directions which also appear in the
Mailcar newsletter.

Location: The Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa

The church is located in the north corner of Smyth and Dauphin Roads, just east of the CHEO Hospital.

Click on Map for a larger image.


The program this month will be slighlty different to what we have done in past.
We will have a couple of clinics in the morning followed by lunch (on your own) with a KitBusters Workshop in the afternoon. This final Workshop will provide the members with the Opportunity to complete their Laser Structure 101 Bakery Project in preparation to take them to the NFR Convention in April.

One of the morning clinics will be on ScratchBuilding. Here Ron will show us how to scratch build a small addition to our bakery models. The SLD will be providing the necessary building materials for the afternoon workshop where you can actually build the addition for your model. So make sure you bring the appropriate tools along to work on your model in the afternoon.


The subject for the March Display table will be directed towards Toy Trains.
So this means only non scale trains , typical of what the younger generation first enters the hobby with. So anyting that is not a scale reproduction of the train will be acceptable!


The entry fee is $5.00 at the door. NMRA members can join the SLD / NMRA and enjoy all of its benefits for a nominal fee and guests are always welcome.

Please feel free to call any member of the Executive if you have any questions or ideas. We always appreciate your input.

Meet Timetable

9:00 AM Doors open $5.00 Admission charge.

Registration, Membership, Raffle ticket sales, Coffee.

9:30 AM Introductions
Superintendent's welcome and any new business.
Morning Activities Clinic: KitBusters - Laser Structures 101 - Scratch Building
By Ron Newby

Clinic: TBD

Display Table

12:00 - 1:00 PM Lunch Break
Members are on their own to seek nourishment before the afternoon activities.
1:00 - 4:00 PM Afternoon Activities
KitBusters Workshop (at the church)
\ Scratch building an addition to the Bakery

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