Tools & Suuplies

The objective of this workshop is to introduce you to the fun and enjoyment of scratch building your own structure, in this case a wooden Loading Ramp.

Scratching building a model is not as daunting as you might think. In fact many of the kits on the market is just that – a box of bits with a plan and some words. So if you have already built a wooden kit model, you are already 75% of the way there! There is no need to fear the remaining 25% as we’ll guide you through that.

Before you get started, you will need to assemble the parts (strip wood in this case) to build the model along with collecting the tools and supplies that will be used.

Project Materials

Though the club will be providing the scale plans along with the instructions (leader led, etc) it will be left up to the participant to source the building materials and locate your favourite tools. E.g. part of scratch building a model is the enjoyment of determining what material you will require, then sourcing the mataerial.

There is a manufacturer here in Ontario who mills excellent scale wood products and would be an ideal candidate for sourcing your strip wood from, they are called Mount Albert Scale Lumber Co.. (
So if you can not locate suitable wood strips locally, you can order directly from these folks.

Here is a list of the building materials you will require ( in real inches ) to build the model broken out by the more popular scales.

N Scale
HO Scale
O Scale
Post & Beams
12" x 12"
126 ft
12 inches
20 inches
34 inches
4" x 12"
375 ft
30 inches
60 inches
100 inches
2" x 8"
375 ft
30 inches
55 inches
100 inches
2" x 12"
900 ft
70 inches
130 inches
230 inches

Paints / Stains

Every model requires colouring and this loading dock is no different.

Here are some suggested colours and brands you might be interested in. Or of course, you can use your favourite or other brands. Be for warned that water based stains/paints may warp the wood strips.

Saman (water based wood stain)
  • Black #108
  • White #116
  • Hop #204
Weather It (wood colouring liquid)
Acrylic Paints from Ceramcoat, Americana, Folkart (various Colours)

Recommended Tools

You will require some common tools to build the loading dock. Here is a list of tools that would be helpful to have on hand:
  • Hobby knives, e.g. Exacto #11
  • Fine sandpaper or emery boards
  • Metal ruler / straight edge
  • Square weights (Helpful)
  • Hard surface area (6” x 12” if building in HO scale)
  • Wax paper (12” x 12”)
  • Carpenters Glue – yellow (faster drying than white)
  • Plastic lid (for glue application)
  • Northwest Chopper (optional)
  • Fine toothed hobby saw
  • Model Railroad scale ruler
  • Small Square
  • Tweezers
  • Cutting Mat (with grid)
  • Masking Tape
  • Tooth picks (for glue application)
  • Pencil (sharp)
  • Artist brushes (small)

That should about do it, you now have the plans, list of materials and a suggested tool list. All that is left to do, is build the model!

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