Assembly Method 1

The following are the assembly steps Lorne has outlined for building the Loading Dock.

Step 1 Wood Preparation

Note: In order to provide better results, it is recommended you texture and prestain the wood pieces prior to assembly. Depending on the type of stain you use, you will need to set the pieces aside for a few days to fully dry.
Also be sure to defuzz the wood or if you are using styrene, deburr the pieces.

Step 2 Bent Assembly

We'll commence contruction with building the six bents. All are identical.

A. Start by cutting the wood pieces:

From the 12" x 12" stock, cut:
- Posts 2’ 9” long, 18 pieces required.
- Beams 11” 6” long, 6 pieces required.

From the 2" x 8" stock, cut:
- Braces 11’ 6” long, 12 pieces required.

Bent pieces laid out in preparation for assembly.

B. Assemble the first bent by glueing three posts to a beam the add the diagonal brace to one side. Once the glue has dried, flip the assembly over and glue the second diagonal on.

C. Repeat the step B process to assemble the other 5 bents.

Assemble the posts and beam as shown using a straight edge.
Use wax paper under the assembly (glue does not stick so readily).
Remember to use glue sparingly … a little goes a long way!

Glue first 10’-6” brace to post and beam assembly.

Step 3 Stringer Preparation

Next we'll install the deck stringers.

A. Start by cutting the stringers from the 4" x 12" stock.

- Two stringers at 50’ 6” long, and
- Three stringers at 50” 0” long.

B. Lightly score across the 50’ 6” stringers with a knife. First score will be at 10’ 6” fromo one end and the next 4 at 10’ 0” intervals. These score marks line up with where the bents will be mounted. Be sure to score both of the longer stringers.

Note: the scoring is for visual effect only.

Step 4 Bent - Stringer Assembly

Next step is to attach the bents to the Deck Stringers.

A. Start laying one of the scored stringers (50' 6") face down on a hard surface against a straight edge.

Take one of the bents from Step 1 and glue this to the end of the stringer. See Photo.
Ensure the bent is at right angle and perpendicular to the sringer. If necessry use a square and weights to hold it in place until the glue sets.

Glue the bents to each end of 50’-6” long scored stringer.
The scored stringers are to be facing out.
The bents must be square to the stringers.

A closer view of sub-assembly and stringer gluing step.

B. Repeat the process to install a bent at the other end of the stringer.

Flip the assembly over once the glue has dried and glue the second scored stringer on in the same fashion. Make sure the 10" 6" score ends are at the same end of the assembly.
Leave this alone until the glue has dried.

View of end sub-assemblies glued to scored stringers.

C. Flip this assembly upside down so the stringers are on a flat surface
Glue the remaining Bent Assemblies (qty 4) to the stringers at 10' intervals. They should liine up with the score marks.

Glue the remaining (4) bents to the stringers at 10’-0” intervals, i.e. scored locations.
Note: use two straight edges to keep stringers from bowing while gluing.

Bents with the with outside stringers installed.

Step 4 Bent Cross Bacing

Now is the time to add the cross bracing between the bents.

A. From the 2" x 8" stock, cut:
- Braces 11’ 0” long, 24 pieces required.
B. Install the braces as shown on the diagram. note the outer ones go from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner. Complete this step for both sides of the deck assembly.

Glue braces to inside and outside of posts.

Step 5 End Cap

Cut the End Cap from the 4" x 12" stock. It will be approximently 10" 9" long
Glue this in place above the end bent between the outside stringers.

Step 6 Inside Stringers

Now glue the remaing 50' stringers (qty 3) in the centre equidistance froom each other.

Glue end cap in place between (2) outside stringers.
Glue the (3) remaining 50’-0” stringers in place.

Step 7 Cap Blocks

Ctu the four end cap blocks from the 4" x 12" stock and glue in place between the stringers.

Step 8 Ramp Stringers

Cut the five ramp stringers from the 4" x 12" stock. Cut the angled ends based on the drawing. Also add the notchs for the centre short bent and at the upper end.
Glue these in place on the main platform.

Cut to suit and glue in (4) cap blocks.
Cut and glue (5) ramp stringers in place.
Add the ramp support beam, posts and braces.

Step 9 Ramp Support

We'll now add the short bent under the ramp stringers.

Start by cutting the wood pieces:

From the 12" x 12" stock, cut:
- Three short Posts.
- One beam 11” 6” long.

Glue the beam into the centre notches on the stringers.
Glue the three short posts under the ramp beam and add the 2" x 8" cross braces to the outer legs.

Step 10 Decking

We'll now add the decking to the platform.

From the 2" x 12" stock, cut:
- A large number of boards 12' long.

Glue the boards onto the deck and ramp with a 3" overhang on each end. Leave a slight gap between each board to allow for expansion and appearance. Ensure the deck boards remain perpendicular to the deck stringers.

Cut 12’-0” long floor boards and glue in place.
Note: leave a slight space between each board to allow for expansion when stained.

Glue several boards at a time.
Note: the 3” overhang on each side.

This completes the assembly of the loading platform.

This is your completed Loading Ramp … ready for staining.

Step 11 Colouring

If you haven't already, now is the time to colour the wood.

Stain or paint your completed loading ramp assembly as desired.

Lorne usesSAMAN stains.
They can be mixed to achieve many colours.
They are water soluble so can be watered down to make a wash.

Weather-It can achieve a gray appearance … just keep adding coats to arrive at the desired results.
There are different makes of Acrylic paints which can also be used.

Colour ramp to suit yourself.
It can be weathered or left as ‘new’ construction.
Single boards can be left unweathered to make it appear that they have been recently replaced.

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