Tom Hood's Canadian Northern Railroad

(HO Scale Railroading)

Tom has yet to assign an "official" name to his railroad and many of the towns and locals also remain nameless. With the prospect of establishing an Operational Plan for the rialroad, Tom will be forced to rectify this short coming.
In the mean time, we shall take a scenic tour around Tom's railroad as it currently stands.

Scale: HO
Size: xxft x xxft
Prototype: CP, CN, Canadian Northern
Locale: Freelance
Period: Mid 50's
Layout Style: Around the walls, double deck
Layout Height: xx inches
Benchwork: Open grid
Roadbed: spline, homasote on plywood.
Track: Han laid Code 70 & 100.
Turnouts: #4, #6, Code 100
Minimum Radius: xx inch
Length Of Mainline: xxx feet
Scenery: Hardshell.
Backdrop: Painted on finished walls.
Power System: Lenz DCC
Operations: Planned for the future.
Typical Operating Crew: x to x

Photos from the Nov 2004 Open House

The start of our journey is at a very large (and oldest part of the layout) freight yard and passenger facility.

Here we find a huge round house and engine facilities.

This is the first town encountered after leaving the main yard.

Th emain line now snakes around the front of the room and exits towards the "newer" part of the railroad.

The mainline sweeps (lower left corner) around the waterheater.

The railroad now passes one of Ontario's famous land formations - a boreal forest swamp.

Notice the prototypical bracing on the telegraph pole.

The right-of-way now snakes around the corner and approaches yet another breath taking scene.

The next "town" on the route is comprised of some very long passing sidings and a few small industries.

The next point of interest is actualy a division point where a branch line vers off to the "lower level" (right portal).

The main line passes over the large trestle on it's climb to the upper level.

The "upper deck" is on the left and terminates on the right above Tom's modeling bench.

Here is a clear view of the Main Line on the upper level and the Branch on the lower.

And what modeler does not have a well used spray paint booth?

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