Peter Nesbitt's Bonnechere and Braeside Railway Co.

(On3 Scale Railroading)

Peter is in the process of building a double deck On3 layout that reflects the early logging history of the Ottawa valley. The Bonnechere and Braeside has been designed not only for it's scenic qualities but to also be "operated" as a real railroad.

Scale: On3
Size: 22ft x 10ft
Prototype: Freelance Bonnechere and Braeside with the Woods Lumber company, a wholly owned subsidiary.
Locale: Eastern Ontario - Main yard is in Braeside with trackage heading west through Renfrew, Eaganville, and Deacon. Western staging (three tracks) is for Bonnechere and points west. There is an interchange with the Eastern Ontario Railway in Arnprior (three track staging).
Period: September 1935
Layout Style: Point to point, helix, two levels.
Layout Height: 36" lower and 54" upper.
Benchwork: L girder on special shelf brackets (no holes in the wall and no legs).
Roadbed: 3/4" pine spline with homasote laminated to the spline, homasote on plywood in the yard and helix.
Track: Hand laid Code 83.
Turnouts: #6 on the B&B, #5 stub in the logging camp . All are hand laid.
Minimum Radius: 36 inch
Length Of Mainline: 70 feet plus Braeside yard, staging and logging branch
Scenery: Plaster over plaster cloth over cardboard web or nylon screening.
Backdrop: Painted hardboard.
Power System: NCE wireless, all turnouts are operated with Tortoises and accessory decoders are used for yard turnouts. Locomotives will be sound equipped and there will be ambient sound for certain industries or locales.
Operations: TBD.
Typical Operating Crew: TBD - (3 or 4 plus dispatcher is the expected).

Photos from the March 2005 Open House

This beautiful shay is the current product offering from Bachman.

East Braod Top #14 2-8-2 pauses by the timber water tower for a refill.

Foam Cardboard mock ups are a great way of visualising the final structure before investing all that time in construction.

This Timber Through Truss bridge (based on a DRGW prototype) is located on a curve.

You can just make out part of the lower level in this photo.

Peter is the process of hand laying a double cross over - most impressive.

A water tank on the upper level.

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