The St. Francis Valley Railroad

(N Scale Railroading)

Ken's freelanced layout models Sorel to Sherbrooke on the St. Francis Valley Railroad (SFV), with a branch line to North Troy, VT operated by the Orford Mountain Railway. CN, operating between Montreal, QC and Portland, ME, has running rights on the SFV.
Designed primarily for operation there are major yards located at Sorel, Drummondville, Richmond, Sherbrooke and North Troy to provide interchange traffic between the various railroads modelled and to provide hubs for the traffic generated by the online industries, all of which provide plenty of work for the operators working from computer-generated orders. A dispatcher controls overall traffic flow and assigns power.
On this craftsman's layout pay particular attention to the handlaid code 55 rail and the custom manual controls which provide physical and electrical control for the turnouts. .

Scale: N
Size: 20ft x 12ft
Prototype: Freelance.
Locale: Sorel to Sherbrooke, Quebec.
Period: 1965.
Layout Style: Single level, around the walls.
Layout Height: 46 tp 52 inches
Benchwork: L girder.
Roadbed: Mix of cookie cutter (Homasote / plywood) and splined, all ballasted.
Track: Hand laid Code 55.
Turnouts: Hand laid to fit.
Minimum Radius: 18 inches.
Length Of Mainline: 130 ft.
Scenery: Hard shell.
Backdrop: Painted on masonite and dry wall.
Power System: DC multiple cabs, dispatcher assigned power..
Operations: Computer generated orders, dispatcher.
Typical Operating Crew: 7.

Ken's 20 ft x 12 ft railroad shares the precious basement space with the furnace, oil tank and laundry tubs as such the train operators and spectators must share the limited (though well utilized) floor space during the open house.
The first yard on your right as you enter the room is Sorel.
The home made Dispatcher panel can be found just to the left of Sorel.
Drummondville is next moving counterclockwise around the room.
Many of the buildings in Drummondville were constructed of heavy cardboard with details added with ink and paint.
The town of Richmond is on the left and L'Avenir is on the lower portion.
The wye at Richmond is very visible in this aerial view.
Another view of Richmond.
Ken uses the highway bridge to help hide the mirror. And the mirror is used to hide the return loop at Sherbrooke.

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