Barry Innes's Great Unsceniced Railroad

(HO Scale Railroading)

Scale: HO
Size: 28ft x 11ft
Prototype: Freelance
Locale: Eastern Ontraio mainline runs from Cornwall to Alexandria and on to Bourget with a branch to Russell.
Period: circa 1976
Layout Style: Definitely not a walk around. 3 mainlines cabs at one end with a centre operating pit for Alexandria.
Layout Height: 39" (base height, highest point is Alexandria at 50")
Benchwork: L girder
Roadbed: 1/2" spline with kenmore board or homasote laminated to the spline, homasote on plywood.
Track: Hand laid Code 70.
Turnouts: #6 minimum on the mailine with #5 in the yards. All are hand laid.
Minimum Radius: 30 inch
Length Of Mainline: 150 feet
Scenery: Minimal. (on going: once known as the largest unsceniced layout in Ottawa).
Backdrop: Non at present.
Power System: 1 power supply supporting 8 cabs at 3 amps each. Separate power supply for the signal system.
Operations: Computer generated train orders: time table operations with a fast ( 5 actual minutes equal one hour) clock.
Typical Operating Crew: Requires a 8 crew members: 3 mainline cabs, 3 yard jobs, 1 branch line and a Dispatcher. We have operated with as few as 5 crew members (not recommended).

Photos from the Nov 2004 Open House

That's Barry in the middle.

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