Bob Farquhar's CPAC Central Railway

(HO Scale Railroading)

This scenery and structures oriented layout features many marvellous structures set into realistic scenery that provides a backdrop for the rail action on the folded dogbone plan.
Bob has built many wonderful structures, some of which have been displayed at previous NFR conventions and has collected a number of ribbons and accolades from his peers. Set into his scenery they are even more interesting, they come to life and provide a rich environment for the trains.
Operational interest on the layout is provided through interchange including a ferry, and the many destinations on the layout.
This is phase I of IV planned and is currently 85% complete. There are 4 background sound systems, digital sound on some diesels, working lighthouse light, track signals and 2 arc welding circuits to entertain operators and visitors alike. Can you tell that Bob likes toys?

Scale: HO
Size: 17ft x 12ft
Prototype: CP, Algoma Central
Locale: Freelance
Period: June 1964
Layout Style: Dog bone with extensions, around the walls, walk in.
Layout Height: 47 to 54 inches
Benchwork: Open grid, fascia complete.
Roadbed: Cork on 1/2 inch plywood
Track: Code 70 Shinohara, two hand built curved crossings
Turnouts: #4, #6, #8 curved Shinohara plus handbuilt
Minimum Radius: 24 inch
Length Of Mainline: 75 feet
Scenery: Hardshell with plaster rock moulds.
Backdrop: Painted on wall plus intermixed commercial backdrops cut to fit.
Power System: North Coast DCC
Operations: Car card
Typical Operating Crew: 3 to 5

The Sea Side Area

Here's Bob keeping a close eye on the local.

An over all view of the wharf and surrounding country side.

The Local working the wye by the wharf.

Another view of the Local crossing the hand laid curved cross overs on one arm of the wye.

View of the Boat Works and Lighthouse.

Front view of same.

Here is an overall view of the water front area as it is today. Note the extensive level of detail Bob has included.

The boat repair shop down by the bay.

The wharf is a very busy place as it services the local fisherman and functions as the third leg on the wye.

This ferry was recently put into service. It can hold up to eight 40 ft cars provided the Local place the cars correctly on the deck. Bob modified the Walthers ferry kit.

Miscellaneous Photos

Your intrepid author set up for picture taking.

A large steel arch carries the main line over a roaring river.

A pair of fishermen reel in the "catch of the day".

At one point htis wharehouse provided regular traffic for the railroad. It has now been replaced by a loading platform.

Here is an over head view of the new loading platform. As you can see it is a very busy place.

This foundry has grown over the years since this phot was taken and now represents a major revenue stream for the railroad. The foundry includes a working arch welder.

This mine rests silently up in the mountains as the ore vein has now been played out.

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