Completed Bakery Laser Kits
By Grant Knowles

After a very intersting and enjoyable season, a large number of the Silver Plume Bakery kits were actually completed by our SLD Members.

The following photos and captions demostrate the skill and diversity of tastes the SLD membership has both with the seasoned and new members.

Paul Anderson - HO Scale
Paul has built the model as per the kit instructions with no modifications.

Grant Knowles - HO Scale
Grant organized and faciliated the Laser Structures 101 program. The Reisen Bakery will find a home on his HOn3 Colorado & Southern Railroad.
Construction of this model was used to assemble the enhanced instructions found on the web site. A few minor modifications have been made.

The tar paper roof was made from painting on facial tissues.

An extra window was added to the left side of the building with the extra window material included in the HO scale kit.

Dry transfer lettering was used. The "established" date helps set the time frame on the layout.

The tin roof was made from etching Builders In Scale raised seam roofing.

A covered entrance way was scratch built in the last KitBusters Workshop.

Gilbert Lecoix - HO Scale
Gilbert, one of our more experienced builders chose to make some significant alterations to his model.

As a personal challenge Gilbert assembled the kit as a mirror image hence the name "Wrongway"!

Notice Gilbert also modified the roof lines and used his own shingle material.

Gilbert also scratch built the chase light marque from fibre optics and home made electrical circuit.

A detailed interior brings the structure to life.

Dave Primeau - HO Scale
Dave built his "bakery" into a cafe and added lots of details.

Wells River Cafe installed on the layout.

Night Scene.

Lorne Munro - HO Scale
Lorne also made a cafe from his kit. Notice the greast looking drapes in the windows.

Mike Hamer - HO Scale
Mike built a Barber Shop. The name is a play on his friend Bill Meek.
Mike also presented a clinic to the members on how to paint our models.

The interior was made from Scale Structures Ltd Barber set.

Did you notice the "junk" in at the rear of the building?

Mike has added a red tar patch to the roof for added interest.

Bob Farquhar - HO Scale
Bob has a large wharf scene on his layout which is where this nautical themed "bakery" will be located.
Bob also blessed us with his wit in a clinic about adding details to the structures.

The large windows on the bakery just screams for interior detials!

Bob assembled the side window partialy open to add interst.

Bob applied fadded paint to this side of the building to imply it is not looked after.

Stan Conley - HO Scale

Stan chose a suttle colour scheme.

Stan scratch built the raised seam roofing.

Notice the back wall received a different finish to indicate it was a lower priority since it did not face the street.

You gotta love the interior details.

Jim VanBlitterswyk - HO Scale
Jim is one of our newest SLD members and certainly felt comfortable building this kit based on his level of modifications!

Jim has a very intricate paint scheme.

A warehouse extension was scratch built on the left side of the building.

Papercreek tar paper was used for the extension roof.

Like many of the models built, Jim's includes interior lighting.

Jim supplied his own laser cut shingles.

Notice the scratchbuilt extension to the front door step.

The rear of the building even includes a platform.

Deb Stewart - HO Scale
Deb is our first female member and is half of the Stuart team!
Deb is obviously here to challenge the boys in their own territory!

Notice the clean workmanship.

Deb's Barbershop includes a very detailed interior.

Chris Lyon - HO Scale
Chris the artistic eye that we all dram of having! The colours and weathering of his Pool Hall brings it to life.
Th ePool Hall even includes working lights over the pool table made from LEDs.

The interior wall details are actually pictures pasted to the walls. Sure fools the eye!

Any respectable establishment has an outhouse for it's patrons.

Notice the details on the roof - pigeons, spires, etc.

The details on the back porch "tell a story".

The racoon in the garbage can, wood pile and oil tank all add interest to the scene.

Over all view of the Pool Hall.

Geoff Chase - HO Scale
Geoff's Bakery construction was in mid progress when these photos were taken.

Brian Earl - N Scale
Brian was one of a few members who were building an N scale version of the bakery

Ron Newby - O Scale
Ron has assembled the O scale version of the Bakery. In order to for it to fit on his On30 layout, Ron had to decrease the depth of the building.
Ron also provided a clinic on how to scratch build additions to a structure.

Ron chose to make a saloon from his kit.

Notice the wall to the right of the store window is much shorter.

Ron chose to leave the non street side walls a natural unpainted colour.

Great view through the front door.

Notice the booze bottles on the shelf!

An intense conversation is underway with the bar tender.

Peter Joyce - O Scale
Peter is another of our O scalers.
Peter chose to turn his Bakery into a Pharmacy. What these photos don't show is the detailed second floor Peter built in the rear half of the building.

Peter has added a porch to the back door.

Alex Binkley - S Scale
We also had a couple of S scalers in the club. Alex assembled a prosperous cafe with his.

Business at the Cafe Evelyn has been brisk enough to warrant a patio out front.

The cafe includes a service up to the back door.

David Steer - O Scale
Like Ron, David had to modify his bakery to fit the space on his layout. In this case the buidling has been flipped over and the foot print has been change to a square from the regular rectangle.

Dave has built a mercantile with his kit.

The rear wall has been modelled "un painted".

The mercantile as a very detailed interior.

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