Adding interior Details
By Grant Knowles

Step 16 - Window Glazing

Now is a good time to install the window glazing before the walls are assembled together.

The kit comes complete with nicely laser cut clear plastic for the windows. Locate the appropriate sized window glazing for the window you are working on – leave the tissue on the back as that will minimize scratches.
Carefully cut it out from the sheet and “dry fit” it in the window to verify fit. When you are satisfied with the fit, peel the backing off the window sash and press the glazing in place. You can now remove the tissue backing. Repeat for all windows EXCEPT for the front display windows as we'll address those later.

Step 17 - Interior Window Details

Now is the time to add any interior window details. E.g. trim around inside, drapes, shades, etc. Note these are owner supplied details.

Step 18 - Wall Finish

18. You may also want to add finishes to the interior walls at this time. E.g. paint, wall paper, pictures, etc

I did a quick search on the web and found some wall paper samples that would be appropriate for the era of my model. These I copied and pasted into larger image to make it easier for printing. Click on the sample images to down load the corresponding JPEG file.

Make sure you pick a pattern which is appropriate for your scale and era.

Chris Lyon also found a web site that contians numerious wall paper and images that could be used for wall paper and floor finishes. Here is the link to: Discount Wall Covering

Step 19 - Inner Wall Divider

Now would also be a good time to add the surface finishes to the Inner Wall Divider as this will soon be installed into the model and would be difficult to reach then.
Decorate wall surfaces as desired with paint, wall paper, pictures etc.
Add an interior door. A door is not included with the kit so you will have to locate one or fashion one out of scraps.

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