Entrance Way Assembly
By Grant Knowles

With the walls assembled together and mounted on the base, we shall proceed with the front Entrance Way assembly.

Step 28
The Bakery has a front door that is on a 45 degree angle to the adjacent wall which adds a nice piece of interest to the front of the structure. The doorway itself is made up of two doors and a door frame with transom. On each side are the Door Way walls, these we will build first. (Ref. Entry Way 1).

The Entrace Way is made up of three wall sections:
- Left Door Way Wall Assembly
- Door Assembly
- Right Door Way Wall Assembly

Step 29
Left Door Way Wall Assembly
Locate the three pieces: D1, D2 & D3. These are sandwiched together in that order starting with D1 on the top.

(L-R) D4, D5 and D6 (for the Left Door Way Wall). The same sequence applies for the Right Door Way Wall.
Note the bottom portion of D3 has been painted the wall panel colour.

Step 30
Lay D1 on top of D2 aligning the top, right and bottom edges. Note the notch is on the top left side for both pieces.

Step 31
Now add D3 to the rear of this assembly. Once again align the top, right and bottom edges. D3 is narrower than the other two so it will be short on the left side. This will facilitate installation later.

Step 32
Repeat steps 29 – 31 for pieces D4, D5 & D6. Note these are assembled as a mirror image of the first set. E.g. the notch is now on the top right.

Step 33
Front Door Assembly
The two front doors are assembled in a similar fashion with a thin outer layer and a thicker layer (D7 & D8) for the main door. Ensure all four edges are lined up when you assemble these.

Step 34
The final step in building the Entrance Way is to install the window frame D10 on top of the transom opening on D9.
Centre D10 over the opening in D9 and glue it in place.

Step 35
Locate the clear window glass for the Entrance Way windows.
The glass will not fit inside the window openings but instead lay on the back surface of the window frames. Add a small dab of glue (I used Weldbond) in a few places around the perimeter of the window glass will hold them in place.

Step 36
Now glue the two Door Way Walls (from Step 29 – 32) in place. Note that there is a small notch on the top corner of the frame. This is to fit under the edge of the wall panels. Door Way Wall assembly D1/D2/D3 is installed on the right side of the Entrance way. Glue it in place perpendicular to the Right Hand Wall.

Note there should be a "notch" formed between the Door Way Wall and the Side wall. See diagram in Step 40.

Step 37
Repeat the same process for the Door Way Wall assembly D4/D5/D6 which goes to the left of the Entrance Way and attaches to the Front Wall.

Step 38
The Entrance Way assembly from Step 34 is now glued in place.
It should bridge between the two Door Way Wall assemblies at a 45 degree angle.
Glue this in place from the back side of the Side Wall aassemblies ensuring the joins are held firmly in place until the glue dries.

Step 39
The two Doors from Step 33 may be glued in place. To add some “life” to the structure, you may wish to glue one or both doors in an open position.

Step 40
Add the 4x4 trim to cover the joint between the Front / Right Side Walls and the Door Way Walls.

The 4X4 go on each side of the doorway and extend extend teh full height of the opening.

The 4X4 fits into the notch formed between the Right Wall and the Door Wall Assembly.

Step 41
It is now time to install the Entrance Way Ceiling in place.
Locate the Entrance Ceiling piece from the parts bag.
This piece drops in from the top into the raised roof section over the front door ultimately sitting on top of the Entrance Way that we just installed. You may have to trim the piece in order for it to fit in place. Glue this to the top of the Entrance Way Walls and to the adjacent walls. I also added some short pieces of scrap square stock into the corners to provide some extra support.

Don't foreget to paint the underside of the ceiling panel before you install it!

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