Assembling the Silver Plume Bakery

Now that you have followed the previous instructions and have all your kits pieces textured and painted, it's now time to put all these pieces together!.

Kit Instructions

Now that you have had a chance to “explore” your kit and become familiar with the pieces, you have probably noted the instructions, though well laid out, leave a little to be desired. This is not uncommon with many kits so I have taken the liberty to assemble the following sequence of steps to help you with your project.
I have settled upon this approach based on my personal experience with assembling structures and that I’m a few months ahead of the group in my assembly for the very purpose of identifying potential pit falls.

The general strategy is as follows:
  1. Texture The Wall Panels;
  2. Paint The Pieces;
  3. Assemble The Wall Panels (flat);
  4. Install The Windows & Doors;
  5. Add Any Wall Signage And Additional Details;
  6. Glue The Walls Together;
  7. Add Interior Detailing;
  8. Glue Walls To Base;
  9. Finish Interior Details;
  10. Add Any Electricals;
  11. Install The Roof;
  12. Add Final Weathering;
  13. Model is Now Finished!
Consider yourself fore warned - we do reserve the right to adjust this sequence as we move forward.

A few things to keep in mind while you assemble the structure:
  • Do not rush. Take you time and ensure you understand the task at hand
  • Measure and measure again before you cut. It sounds funny but it does pays off.
  • Let the glue set firmly before you start man handling the pieces. Sometimes it is better to let the pieces glue over night.
  • Save all the scrap pieces as they may not be “scrap pieces” and if they are, we may use them later.
  • Ensure the pieces are assembled square. If they aren’t, you will have serious problems later when the structure comes together. Use your straight edge and square religiously.

We have also assembled the instructions in a down loadable document. Just click on the document on the right to download a PDF version.
A marked up Layout Diagram is also available. Just click on this link to down load a PDF copy.

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