What Is In The Box

Though there are a number of different manufacturers producung wooden railroad car kits, the contents of their kits are very similar.

Kit Components

Now is the time to “explore” your kit and become familiar with the pieces. Most wooden railway kits are comprised of these parts:
  • Instructions - Are included in the kits and are largely well written and cover the main construction steps. Some include detailed scale drwings on the model which are immensly value in building an accurate model.
  • Decals -- Most kits include decals either wet film or dr transfer. If not included, you will need to source your own.
  • Large Wood Pieces - You will find a series of lrager wood pieces for the sub frame and the outer shell. These pieces are often pre cut to size.
  • Strip Wood - There will also be a bundle of loose strip wood pieces for such things as under frame, letter boards, door trim etc. These pieces often have one end coloured to help you distinguish between the various sizes. When you come to use the wood, cut from the non coloured end so that you can still determine the wood size by the coloured end.
  • Detailed Parts - Are provided for such things as brake rigging, door jams, hinges, steps, etc. These may be white metal castings while plstic parts are becoming more prevelent.
  • Miscellaneous Parts - There's usually a bag of miscellaneous parts such as grab irons, metal strapping, etc
What is not included in the kits are trucks & couplers. Here you will need to provide your own.
You would be advised to have these on hand before you commmence construction thereby accommodating their dimensions.

Assembly Sequence

The general strategy we'll following in assembly the wooden railroad kit is as follows:
  1. Assemble the sub frame
  2. Establish the car weight, instll the walls & roof panels
  3. Install grab irons, body details
  4. Install trucks, couplers & brake rigging
  5. Paint & letter car
  6. Model is Now Finished!
Consider yourself fore warned - we do reserve the right to adjust this sequence as we move forward.

Other Considerations

A few things to keep in mind while you assemble the railway car
  • Do not rush. Take you time and ensure you understand the task at hand
  • Measure and measure again before you cut. It sounds funny but it does pays off.
  • Let the glue set firmly before you start man handling the pieces. Sometimes it is better to let the pieces glue over night.
  • Save all the scrap pieces as they may not be “scrap pieces” and if they are, we may use them later.
  • Ensure the pieces are assembled square. If they aren’t, you will have serious problems later when the car comes together. Remember you are building a working model, not a static disply
  • Use your straight edge and square religiously.

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