CPR Horse Car

Here is some prototype information pertaining to CPR 272007 which is the car the George Taylor Horse Car kit is based on.

Build Date: October 1913
Colour: Freight Car Brown

This small group of horse cars first appeared on the roster in 1924 as Through Express cars #5900 - 5917, and were equipped with stalls.
They were subsequently renumbered, during 1934, intp 257983 - 257999 and ran taht way until 1947, then renumbered again to the final number series.
The 14 cars were obsolete by January 1070, and were removed from the roster with only 272007 remaining past 1966.

Horses and specifically race horses, were a more valuable commodity than common live stock, so they rode all kinds of creature comforrts, such as individual stalls, heat and food, from the time he racing circuits started until the seasson was over.

External features include an inside length of 46' 1' and height of 8' 1".
The left side door measured 5 feet while the right door measured 6 feet wide.

Fom the Mike Barone Collection, Winnipeg Manitoba.

Photo of the car in it's early days.

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