Selected SLD Clinics & Projects

On these pages we wish to share with you a number of the clinics & projects which have been presented to the membership at past events that are of general interest.

Lloyd describes the various methods he uses to add detailed interiors to his structures.

Scott walks us through the research and planning process that he used to construct a realistic model of two signature Canadian Rockies canyons.

Rock Molding
Follow along as SLD member Bob Farquhar describes the process he follows to cast realistic looking rocks in plaster.

Fisherman Wharf
Chris Lyon walks us through the construction of this Fisherman Wharf award winning diorama.

JMRI and Working Signals
Dave outlines his use of JMRI to run his railroad and drive train signals.

Building Switches
Fred describes how he builds switches using the Fast Tracks jigs.

Building Switches Without Jigs
Normand describes how he scratch builds turnouts.

Stub Turnouts
Bill walks us through the process he uses to build stub turnouts.

Doug provides an over view of railroad bridges. Beautiful Bridges.

Normand discusses the aspects of simple bridges. Simple Bridges.

Malcolm presents local railroad bridges that are ideal for model building . Local Bridges.

Railway Station Architecture
CN Ontario station architecture. Station Architecture.

Right Of Way
Malcolm describes the things that grow along the Right Of Way and how to model them. Right Of Way.

Kit Bashing Structures
Grant explains how he kit bashed two commercial kits to arrive at a unique structure. Kit Bashing Structures.

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