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Recent Clinics & Presentations

We have posted a number of recent clinics and presentations in the Clinics and Articles section of this web site. Be sure to check them out.

We've also posted some new Track Laying clinics in the Scratch Building a Turnout section. Check under the Presentations tab.

January Meet

Photos from the January 2018 meet are now available on the January Meet page.

January Mailcar

The January issue of the SLD newsletter - The Mail Car - is now on line!

The SLD 2017/18 Program

The new SLD Executive has been busy planing the next season for the club and it's shaping up to be another stellar program!

The SLD Meets will take place the last Saturday for the months of: Sept, Nov, Jan, Mar & May.

As our regular practice, the Sept and May meets will be held in the neighbouring communities. Further details will be provided closer the the event dates.

The KitBuster program will also return in full force.

Here is the schedule for the 2017/18 season. Hall locations to be confirmed.

Meet Date
Workshop Date
Sept 30, 2017
Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa
Oct 28, 2017
Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa
Nov 25, 2017
Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa
Jan 20, 2018
Jan 20 (PM), 2018
Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa
Feb 24, 2018
Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa
March 24, 2018
Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa
Apr 28, 2018
Emmanuel United Church
691 Smyth Road, Ottawa
May 26, 2018

The SLD Mission
is to promote model railroading, fellowship and the NMRA. We will encourage as well as provide the means and assistance to those interested in developing their modeling and technical skills. Meets will feature clinics, layout tours, Achievement Program judging, contests, displays and more. Programs will be developed that serve the entire SLD region, not just the local Ottawa area.

The NMRA Mission Statement: The National Model Railroad Association, Inc. advances the global model railroading community through advocacy, standards, education and social interaction.

The SLD Executive
The St Lawrence Division Executive is elected by the membership where each position is held for two years. Your current SLD executive is as follows.
Superintendent Chris Lyon (613) 837 - 8522
Assistant Super Malcolm Vant
Clerk Tom Badenoch (613) 225 - 6641
Paymaster Bill Meek -
Dispatcher Greg Gee (613) 843 - 8911
Inspector Grant Knowles (613) 825 - 5438
Editor Andreas Mank (613) 591 - 9088
Please feel free to contact any member of the Executive if you have any questions or ideas. We always appreciate your input.

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